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Congratulations citizen, you have been selected to be part of the policy selection process of our country. Remember that thanks to new advances in political statistics, our scientists can determine the future of our nation, depending on what a single person thinks. Vote with your head, decide carefully. Welcome to election day.


Felicidades ciudadano, ha sido seleccionado para formar parte del proceso de selección de políticas de nuestro país. Recuerde que gracias a los nuevos avances en la estadística política, nuestros científicos pueden determinar el porvenir de nuestra nación, en función de lo que piense una única persona. Vote con cabeza, decida con cuidado. Bienvenido al día de elecciones.

How to play:

Move with your mouse and select things with the left mouse button.

Extra credits:


ElectionDayx64.zip 34 MB
ElectionDayx32.zip 31 MB

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Hey, that's cool! 
We are developing something very similar for one of our mechanics in Dystopicon. We want players choose in elections between options that can be not very moral but profitable for them or more ethical options but with gameplay penalties.

Good job!

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Oh thanks for passing by, we are so glad you liked it!

We loved what we have seen so far of Dystopicon. Also, that idea sounds very cool for the setting, hope we see more of your game in the near future.

Wish you the best of luck with development! ♥

Thank you very much!

Keep working and making such an interesting games ;-)

I'd love to know how you did the interactive screen in your game. Because I'd like to do one in a game I'm working on.

The entire screen it's just a cool shader with an UI behind, you can take a look at our github, altho it's probably not the best solution, it works for our little game.  Hope you find it usefull :)

Hey man, thanks for your reply. I checked it out tonight and you're right, it probably isn't the best solution but it may still work in a pinch. Did you use the Adventure Creator unity package as a base?

Glad it helped you, it's all custom made, we haven't used any package other than the post processing one.



Thanks for trying our game and share it with the world :) altho we are so sorry you had such a bad experience, i'll look into improving the low frame rate experience.

Have a nice day ♥

Quick to play, fun, and basic. That is a proper decision game. - IGN 10/10

Thank you, we are glad you like the game. :)

Citizen escape from jail if they escape from jail they know what to do

I'm not sure how I was selected for this but man did I mess some things up.

No citizen is ever wrong, they always respond what they think. we are glad that you liked the game :)

This was a silly game. In no way silly bad, but in the lovable absurdities we all need every once in a while. There is not much I can say about the game, but I love the foolishness, and even the made up or misspelled words thrown into the game. It really plays on the overall foolish vibe the game has, either way you go, you're going to be wrong. Wonderful tid bit everyone! Happy Father's Day as well!

OMG! we loved your video! thanks for taking your time with our game ♥ 

hope you have a nice day! :)